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Join our Beaver Colony

I have really enjoyed my time in Beavers. My favourite thing was kayaking at Bibby's Farm Nathaniel Add your child's name to our joining list The first step is to add your child's name to our joining list. We'll get in touch when we've got...

Join our Cub Pack

I really enjoy Cubs, we get to enjoy team sports like Bucketball, we get great campfires and toasting marshmallows. CubJam was the best! Scouting has helped me to feel confident, overcome my fears and meet lots of new friends. It really is lots of fun!...

Join our Scout Troop

Since joining as a Beaver at the age of 5, then through to Cubs and now scouts I have to say it’s been fun and memorable.  In Scouts we have been indoor skydiving, paintballing, indoor snowboarding, and loads of different overnight camps.   O...

Join Crankwood Firestarters (Explorers)

Add your child's name to our joining list We'll get in touch when we have space in the Unit to discuss. [OSM-WaitingList-Register sectionid='59300' sectionname='Firestarters Joining List'] Go Back
Become a Leader

Become a Leader

Whether you are a Network Member, parent of a child in Scouting, or someone who is totally new to Scouting you’ve come to the right place! One of the biggest myths about Scouting is that Groups are closing down due to a lack of young people wanting t...
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