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Payments Policy

What do we take payments for?

Our Scout Group take payments for a number of different purposes to support the running of the group. Namely these are:

Subs – this is a neccessary payment and is classed as a donation to the group. This donation is used to fund activities, badges, IT and administrative costs, building overheads, HQ membership fees, and District & County Levies and is calculated across the whole year.

Events – throughout the course of our calendar years, each of our sections will organise or take part in a variety of events. Our leadership teams will calculate the full cost of running the event, including refreshments, logistics, maintenance, transport and administrative costs.

Merchandise – Our group offer a number of items of merchandise for sale to members, and non-members which are used, in part or whole, to raise money for the group. For apparel which is meant for usage by members, this amounts to a rounding up value only. Many of our members, and leaders also craft items and bake items which may be available on sale through our various outlets throughout the year.

Donations – 1st Abram Scout Group is a registered charity, and so we are grateful for any donations that are offered.

Gift Aid

We are able to claim gift aid on all donations and subs that we receive. This amounts to 25p for every £1 donated. A £100 donation, would allow us to claim an additional £25 from the government at no cost to you.

If you are a UK Tax Payer, please ensure we have your Name and Address with any donations to allow us to claim this additional funding.

Payment Methods

Subs & Events – are all paid for using Direct Debits set up through GoCardless. A direct debit mandate set up in Beavers will be sustained right through, upto and including Scouts.

Merchandise – can be paid for using any Debit or Credit card, either via Chip and PIN or contactless. This includes Apple Pay and Andoid Pay.

Donations – we can take Donations either via Debit or Credit Card, Cash or direct BACS transfer. If you wish to make a donation, please get in touch to arrange the best option.

Payment Terms

Subs – payments are taken in advance, on the 1st of each month, or the nearest working day thereafter. If a payment is unsuccessful, it will be retried 7 days later. If a payment is not made for 4 weeks after it is due, your place within the group may be forfeited.

Events – payments are due on or before the due date specified in the events system. Any payment not paid before the due date will be classed as overdue. Should you not pay for a trip in good time then the place on the trip may be forfeited.

Merchandise – payments for merchandise are due on order. Some of our products sizing may be purchased to order.

Hardship Arrangements

If you feel, at any point, that you are unable to pay for Subs or Events, it is imperitive that you contact your relative Section Leader as soon as you are aware. In some cases, we may be able to assist, and this discussion will always be held in strictest confidence. Further discussions may be neccessary with our Group Scout Leader, but these will only take place with your prior approval.

Payment Partners

Direct Debit – our direct debits are processed using GoCardless.

Card/Online Payments – our debit and credit card payments are processed using SumUp.