Coronavirus (COVID19) - as a result of the new England-wide lockdown, we will remain at RED readiness level for the time being. Please view the post for more info.

1st Abram Online is LIVE!

Throughout the COVID lockdown, our resident IT Admin has been beavering away behind the scenes to bring a fresh new-look website to your screens.  

Today, at 12pm that site was pushed live and the page is now available for all to see.  We’d like to thank the many people who have contributed text to the site, and hope that all of our members and supporters enjoy its new features! 

Take a good look around and let us know if you’d like to see additional features and, of course, any errors.

Beavers – New Investitures and Swimmers up to Cubs

Tonight has been a wonderful night at 1st Abram, as we welcomed another new Beaver into our colony and moved up 4 Beavers to Cubs.

Well done to all of our recent Investitures, welcome to Beavers and Cubs, and we look forward to having some amazing adventures together!
As a reminder to parents, the Membership badge is sewn onto the left-hand chest, the district/county badge on the right sleeve with the 1st Abram name tape above it.  Beavers moving up to Cubs can sew their Chief Scout Bronze onto their Cub Jumper on the right-hand chest.