1st Abram Scouts
(7-8:30 pm)

Over the years since my son joined 1st Abram, he has always enjoyed himself whether it’s been in the hut, on a trip, or camping. He has has met lots of people and made friends which have made him more outgoing and relaxed with other people. From his weekends away camping he has become more confident and become more of a leader. If your child likes to meet people, have fun, and loves the outside then scouting is definitely for them. 


Being a Scout

Being a Scout helps young people grow as individuals and helps them find new skills. Scouts take part in loads of fun and adventurous activities.

Activities and what you’ll get up to

Get an introduction to outdoor activities, have the opportunity to be creative, explore your local community and experience the excitement of a Beaver Scout sleepover with your friends.


Completing awards challenges you to do more, learn more and be more. See what’s on offer and start your journey to the top.

Scouts Promise

The Scouts promise is used by all sections from Scouts, upwards. It is even used by the leaders, when they join the movement.

Uniform and Badge Placement

You don’t need a uniform to join. But once you’ve settled in, you’ll start speedily earning badges, and you’ll need to know where to put them!

The Scouts’ uniform consists of a Teal Green coloured, long-sleeved shirt or blouse with a single breast pocket and button-down collar.

Moving up to Explorers

They say that all good things must come to an end, and Scouts is no different. When our young people reach the age of 14, they will start to look forward to joining Explorers, and taking their adventure to new heights, at 14 1/2.

Meeting Times & Days

Scouts normally meet on Wednesday Evenings

Camps and events timings will vary from event to event, but we’ll let you know those times well in advance. Our only ask is that you’re always prompt to pick up your child, this enables us to close everything down, leave site, and get back to unload before we can get back to our families.

Scouts News

  • Scouts Camp once more
    As a sign that relative normality is restored, our Scouts have just completed their first camp since Covid! Hosted at Bibbys Farm Scout Camp last weekend, it is with great thanks to our Scout Leadership that the theme of the camp came to…

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  • JOTA-JOTI 2021 is here!
    The event of the Scouting Technical calendar is finally here! It’s a Global Event owned by the World Organisation of Scout Movements (WOSM). But what does it all mean? JOTI, or Jamboree on the Internet is an event which brings Scouts & Guides…

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  • The art of Self Defence (Scouts)
    At the end of each year we hold a troop forum where the scouts discuss amongst their patrols what activities, trips, badges they would like to take part in. When I sat down to look at what they had listed…some suggestions I have…

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  • Calling all Book Readers
    Beavers and Cubs both have Book Reader badges, but let’s face it – with so many badges and skills, reading 6 books is a bit of a tough ask. Not forgetting Scouts & Explorers – these two sections don’t have equivilent badges, but…

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  • It’s hard work turning 90…
    As you can imagine, Sunday’s party took some planning to pull off, and with that in mind, we’re just recovering from that energy! With our leaders looking back at the last few weeks in a blur, the confetti is cleared up, the tables…

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  • Start of a new term – Scouts
    This evening was our first meeting back after the summer break, what a difference it made having all our scouts under one roof since February 2020, and with our new leader Kaa know irl as Laura!  Tonight we returned by having a taskmaster…

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