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Being an Explorer

When you join Explorers, you’ll be introduced to lots of new activities, people and things.


With the support, direction and guidance of Unit leaders, you’ll be encouraged to lead yourselves, design your own programme and work towards the top awards that Scouting offers. With exciting prospects like being a part of camps and expeditions both home and abroad; adventurous activities such as mountaineering, parascending and off shore sailing; Explorers offers fun and adventure for all.


Explorers start small but think big, always challenging themselves to do more and be more. It all starts with an award.

Explorers Promise

The Scouts promise is used by all sections from Scouts, upwards. It is even used by the leaders, when they join the movement.

Uniform and Badge Placement

You don’t need a uniform to join. But once you’ve settled in, you’ll start speedily earning badges, and you’ll need to know where to put them!

The Explorers’ uniform consists of a Beige long-sleeved shirt or blouse or short-sleeved shirt, with a single breast pocket and button-down collar. This uniform also identifies explorers as Young-Leaders when in post at another section.

Moving to Network

When an Explorer reaches the age of 18, they must leave the unit. Due to safeguarding rules, an 18-year-old cannot share accommodation with, or be 1 to 1 with an under-18-year-old.

Scouting recognises that, at 18 many changes occur, and young adults may be heading off to university. We want to keep those people in Scouting, and so Network helps.