You may have already earned some shiny awards when you were a Beaver and you’ll earn even more as a Cub.

Start with your membership badge and then travel all the way up to the Chief Scout’s Silver Award. You can work towards as many as you like, at your own pace.

Ready? Let’s go!

Chief Scout Silver

Chief Scout’s Silver Award

This is the highest award a Cub can earn. To completed it, you need to earn six Activity or Staged Activity Badges of your choice, as well as all seven of the Challenge Awards.

Challenge Awards

Challenge Awards are all about stepping outside your comfort zone. Try out something you wouldn’t normally be interested in. Take the lead on something that scares you. Along the way, you’ll unlock hidden talents and stand tall!

Leadership stripes

Within our Pack, Cubs are part of a Six. A Six is a smaller group of Cubs headed up by a Sixer and a Seconder. Sixers and Seconders are more experienced Cubs Scouts who are chosen to take on leadership responsibilities, such as welcoming new people to the Pack or taking charge of a particular game or activity.

They wear leadership stripes and a special wogle to celebrate their hard work and make sure everyone knows who they are.

Sixer Stripes
Seconder Stripes