Our Brand

Beyond the unifom

At 1st Abram, we have a very proud history in our villiage. We value our place as a Uniformed Organisation very highly.

A short while ago, our leaders were whether or not our organisational uniform was practical in all situations. We identified that the Scout’s Shirt is restrictive, the Cubs and Beaver’s jumpers are too warm in summer and in all cases if that uniform gets damaged or needs replacing, that’s a whole lot of sewing for someone! We thought that our Uniform Shirts and Jumpers play a better part during parades and as a proud showing of the achievements of the young person – how can they do that with the shirt or jumper they wear every week!

Our solution was to create a brand for our group, one which still bore the recognisable logos, and identified our group.

In 2017, that Brand was born! 1st Abram Hoodies, T-shirts, Drinks Bottles and Draw String bags were made available for sale, and sold like hotcakes. As we grow and think of new merchandise, we’ll add more to our range, so keep checking!

Even in our group branded clothing, our Necker still screams ‘Scouts’, and we are easily recognisable in the community!

If you’re a member, want to keep your uniform pristene, and want to purchase our brand clothing, visit the shop to buy online.