Last year, we started offering to visit our local Scout Shop for you allowing you. to order items of uniform through our online shop and pick them up at the hut. As day jobs and family lives busy, we’re finding it harder to make those journeys and subsequently people are waiting longer than they should for Uniform. We’re making the difficult decision to drop this service with immediate effect – encouraging our membership to visit the local Scout Shop in Wigan in person, on a Saturday morning to pick up their uniform items.

We’re also rethinking how we sell our own merchandise. Rather than selling online and having you wait for our volunteers to complete the picking process, we’ll sell direct in the hut and provide items we have in stock there and then. We’ll still process back orders and payments will still be by card only.

We hope that these changes will improve the overall situation with our merch sales.

Squirrels Uniform is currently being ordered exclusively from us – as we are able to get a discount for this section only. We will continue to serve this uniform item until the discount expires.

Please be patient while we move our Point of Sale system into place and ensure our volunteers are trained in its use.