1st Abram Scout Group are delighted to announce that we are preparing for a new adventure!

In 2019, The Scouts (UK) began a pilot of a new section within Scouting. The pilot trials looked at many aspects of the new section including age, uniform, badges, activities, nights away involvement and parental engagement – even the name was up for discussion!

Coming out of COVID Lockdowns in September 2021 The Scouts (UK) finally launched….

Squirrels Logo

The addition of the Squirrels section, which takes in young people of 4 and 5 years old, means that Scouting is now open to everyone from the age of 4, right up to 144, across multiple sections.

1st Abram Scout Group is in the process of setting up the infrastructure and programme with a view to opening our Squirrels Drey in September 2022!

We have set up a joining list to enable parents to express an interest in joining 1st Abram Squirrels Drey, and we anticipate spaces to be in demand, so get your name on there early!

NB: Eligable people from our Beavers Joining List will be automatically moved to the Squirrels Joining List, and will be contacted by our Squirrels Drey Leader with details.