This week, in the UK, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week. But what is Mental Health?

When we look at our physical health, we’re never shy of telling folk we’ve got a cold, or the flu, or something else be it minor or more serious. We speak to our doctors, or pharmacists to get help, or we call on the emergency services when needed. Which is all absolutely normal.

In comparison we look at mental health, many people see it as something that you either have (i.e. a diagnosed mental illness or disorder), or we don’t have. Which is simply not true. Like physical health, mental health is a sliding scale. You may, ordinarily, be a happy person who’s always smiling and lights up the room, but when faced with loss many see it as a weakness to ask for help.

Some days the world can be against you and like a sprained ankle on a cross country run, you can limp through the day picking up those challenges – but at the end of the run, you Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate your ankle and let it heal – why not take the time at the end of a challenging day to Rest, Chill, Decompress and Elevate your mood! Do something you enjoy doing, paint a picture, read a book, go on a cross country run!

As the recent campaign said on Mental Health – It’s OK to not be OK. Ask a friend, talk to someone – do a mindfulness task – but don’t be alone!

Scouting is a global family, we support eachother and care for eachother, and we support our communities. So why not ask your friends if they’re okay too – and be there for them.