Tonight 1st Abram Cubs were joined by not just Hagrid (Group Scout Leader), but also Jeff Picton (Wigan & District Scouts District Commissioner) to facilitate a triple celebration in the pack!

As we came together for our first Live Streamed session, during which we not only did some stuff in the hut, but went out and about too – we celebrated in style!

Top of the list, we celebrated as Jeff awarded our three Archery Champions with their winners trophy and medals. All three lads hadn’t really done much in the way of archery before, but took to the activity like ducks to water. During our selection evening, in which all Cubs were invited to have a go and try out, they came out clear on top of the pile. Believe it or not, the youngest of the three out scoring the other two! Nonetheless, the tournament was a joint effort, and the lads worked effectively on the day, keeping cool and calm, and firing consistently good shots on target, even wowing the tournament organiser!

We’re so proud of these three lads, and hope they and their families are too – the trophy and the medals are well deserved! Congratulations to all three of you!

Next up, saw Jeff present our very own Keeo (Sarah) with her 5 Year Service Award. Having been dragged into the group by our Akela, she’s come on from strength to strength, growing in our Beavers section, before moving to Cubs in September 2021. Having a thirst for target sports, she’s developed that passion to become an Archery Instructor, Crossbow Instructor and Tomahawk Throwing Instructor! Congratulations Sarah!

And as alluded to with Keeo, Akela also received his 5 Year Service Award, having got in touch with Hagrid in 2016 as ‘a joke’, he ended up joining the group as Bagheera (Assistant Scout Leader), learning loads from Mike (Skip), and others around the Wigan District and Greater Manchester West County. After his first year, moved to become Cub Scout Leader, taking on the name ‘Akela’. He also became a Tomahawk Throwing Instructor, and grew into other technical roles, as District OSM Champion, National Scout Active Support Unit UK Coordinator for Scoutlink and more recently Digital Service Coordinator for Greater Manchester West County. Congratulations Andy!