Can you help to build our Ancient Civilization?

COVID has also meant that we need to rebuild the basics in Cubs in a relatively short space of time, as well as putting together sleepovers, contingent events, and prop/gateway building events – time is running short and help is needed both through hands, and through funds to ensure our volunteer leaders don’t burn out.

Each contingent member has a £100 fundraising target, which they can raise in whichever way they wish! But there’s opportunities for others to help us out too, through sponsorship, or donations:

  • Logistics – we are hoping to hire a van to transport all tents, tables, camping equipment and gateways. Would need to be a LWB Transit type or Box Truck. Driver optional.
  • Clothing – in 2019, we noticed a couple of contingents had supplied clothing to their contingent members – and one per day! We’d love to be able to do similar, so if there’s any printers out there, we’re after:
    • T-shirts (6 per contingent member, different colour each day, but same design).
    • Hoodies (upto 6 per contingent members, different colours each, but same design).
  • Woven Badges – these become somewhat of a currency at CubJam, we’d like to have at least 1 Badge designed, so each Cub can have a couple to share with their new friends. CubJam Participants will be asked to design this themselves (competition).
  • Building Materials – we don’t yet know what our contingent theme will be, although we know it will be an Ancient Civilization. We’ll need lightweight building materials to turn out camp into that civilization – think building pyramids, or terracota warriors, etc.

The list isn’t exhaustive, but we will ensure that any donors/sponsors are recognised through publicity materials, or even on the clothing. So if you think you can help, or know someone who can – please ask them to complete the form below: