Tonight, our Cubs team paid a visit to an amazing group of people.  

Like our leaders, the team at Bolton Mountain Rescue are all volunteers – but unlike our leaders, the team are on-call 24×7 365 days a year, ready to drop what they’re doing, leap into action!  
Our Cubs started out split into two groups – with group A starting indoors learning all about what the MRT do, and how much it costs to run the team (£40’000 per year!) 
Meanwhile, group B learned all about the vehicles and equipment that the Mountain Rescue Team use in the execution of their duties – including a demonstration of an amazing bit of kit – the vacuum mattress.
Finally, each of the groups took on the Stretcher Challenge.  A gruelling obstacle course recreating fences to climb over, cliffs to work their way up, and trees to manoeuvre under – the challenge, to keep their patient (a bowl of water) comfortable and avoid motion sickness (spilling the water).  
Group B received 2 points having spilled most of the water, and completed in around 6 minutes.
Group A received 6 points, having spilled very little water, and completed in around 5 minutes!  
Both teams showed amazing teamwork skills and, who knows, may make effective Mountain Rescue Team members when they’re older.
Thank you so much for all parents donations to the Mountain Rescue Team – we were able to put together £57 for this amazing team to help keep them operating!