On Saturday, 1st Abram Cubs paid visit to 1st Hindley to take part in the Annual District Archery Tournament.
Our team of three Cubs, we’re calm and collected in their shots, with each Cubs dropping a maximum of 2 shots each, with really good groupings.  
For me, as Cub Scout Leader, I never expect or pressure our Cubs to win anything – only to do their best and have fun – a win being an added bonus.  But for some reason, the post tournament wait for the results has been tense, but this morning I received the results!
In 3rd Place – 1st Hindley
In 2nd Place – 1st Ashton
In 1st Place – they’ve only gone and done it….
1st Abram win the Cubs Archery Tournament!!!!!
Well done Dominic, Riley and Blake…. I am so proud of you guys!  Here’s some pictures from the day…. (Will add more shortly).  
We have a trophy heading our way in the near future.  
Well done to all of the participants, and so many thanks to Jimmy Higham and 1st Hindley for organising and hosting the event.