The event of the Scouting Technical calendar is finally here! It’s a Global Event owned by the World Organisation of Scout Movements (WOSM). But what does it all mean?

JOTI, or Jamboree on the Internet is an event which brings Scouts & Guides together across the world to chat, collaborate, share ideas and make new friends. Using heavily moderated Internet Chat Rooms, Voice Chat Services, pre-organised Video Chats and even Minecraft, young people from across the world learn about eachother’s likes and cultures. This year, back in our hut, JOTI relies on our 4G Internet Connection, routing into wireless for member supplied devices, and via ethernet to our 7 in house recycled PCs. With connection speeds of 20mbs, we don’t have the best internet connection, but it’s enough to hold a successful event if we’re frugal – basically keeping those RPGs and YouTube videos off. Our Scouts and our Cubs will both participate in this event this year!

JOTA, or Jamboree on the Air is the older brother/sister of JOTI, and brings Scouts & Guides together using Amateur Radio (HAM Radio), using their voice, and special event callsigns. Ordinarily individuals must hold at least a Amateur Radio Foundation License to broadcast via Amateur Radio and, although we have 2 leaders with Foundation Licences, they can’t allow others to broadcast using their call-signs. So we needed the help of South Lancs Amateur Radio Club, who are providing the equipment, their Full Club Licence under Variation, giving us our special event call-sign. The team will descend upon the Scout Hut on Saturday morning, installing antennas capable of reaching vast distances (subject to conditions). Whilst a remote team will take to the hills to test contacts and ensure Cubs get at least a few contacts! Meanwhile, Akela (M7TFA) will be trying to get the golden nugget – Contact with the International Space Station (entirely possible!)

We’re looking forward to welcoming Scouts and Cubs this weekend as they take to the internet and/or airwaves to not only make new contacts across the world, but have some fun and gain a feeling of normality as we return to residential activities at 1st Abram.

Wishing the Scouts and the Cubs a very happy JOTA-JOTI 2021!