Tonight, under the close and watchful eye of Shere Khan, our Cubs completed their Chef Badge in the creation of a meal!

In true 1st Abram Cubs style, it wouldn’t do well for our Cubs to all do the same thing, or even do the same country and so we created our own fusion restaurant for the evening.

We split our Cubs into 3 individual groups, gave each of them a stove, a couple of pans, a chopping board and knife, some ingredients and a recipe card.

With a little guidence from Keeo, Shere Khan and Parent Rota Hero, Mike – our Cubs were able to produce something worthy of eating, in preparation for Akela’s blind taste test. In fairness, blind taste test is a bit of a mis-nomer, as our Cubs seem to not understand what a blind taste test is with Akela being asked by each team as he tasted their dish ‘Do you like it? Do you like it? Do you like it?’….

Team’s 1 and 2 Produced Pasta Bolognaise, and Team 3 Created Chicken Curry with Rice.

All three dishes were very well put together, and the Cubs should all be very proud of what their have achieved for, as a small group, we now know that they are more than capable of cooking a meal for which they will enjoy.

The winner of the evening was Team 1 with their Pasta Bolognaise – but it was by a nose hair (not literally).

Tonight, as Cub Leaders, we couldn’t be prouder of what the pack have achieved. As they only started cooking late, and also have to plate up and serve to give us time to test – all this, in just 60 minutes.

Go forth, now Cubs, and cook for your families! Hone those skills and find more recipies to cook, broaden your tastes, because there’s no need to cook ‘camp food’ whilst on camp.