At the end of each year we hold a troop forum where the scouts discuss amongst their patrols what activities, trips, badges they would like to take part in. When I sat down to look at what they had listed…some suggestions I have to say were a little extreme such as a trip to Hawaii!!! 

However one was to do a self defence class. searching the internet I sourced a local Jujitsu Club who were more than happy to oblige us. 
This evening the scouts enthusiastically learnt some new skills! They were given a demonstration on how block, knowing certain pressure points, knowing how to remain calm in certain situations and then we’re shown how to successfully throw someone (however our risk assessments  didn’t cover that part thank goodness !!).
 Letting the scouts have an active part In their programming is important part of our section, as it helps to shape our future, allowing them to express their opinions on what they’ve enjoyed and what they feel could be improved upon.