This week, our Cubs started work on their Chef badge. This great badge takes the Cook badge from Beavers up a notch with the aim of preparing Cubs to cook their own two course meal.

Of course, before we let our Cubs loose in the kitchen we need to make sure they’re prepared so tonight we discussed 3 Subjects:

* Kitchen Hygiene – if you don’t want to poo and spew, then a good hand washing is what you do.
* Food Groups – what’s good, what’s bad and how much is enough.
* Allergies – in our own kitchen and in industrial manufacturing – why does a chocolate bar say ‘may contain nuts’

Many of our Cubs discussed their own experiences with food allergens, either as someone with an allergy or knowing someone with an allergy. So we threw in a little first-aid too!

Next week, we’ll get to some practicals, as Shere Khan brings a challenge to our Cubs – with recipe cards and a table of ingredients Cubs will have to make a meal for their six – and to make things interesting, we’ll judge the best, with the best six winning a prize!

Our pack are growing and learning to grow together too – another great week!