It’s safe to say that Abram Scouting has had an amazing birthday, with so many people turning out to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Scouting in our village.

We were privilaged to receive members of Abram Crankwood Sea Scouts who were responsible for the move into our Fisher Avenue home in 1962, then named TS Penelope Anne, as well as others who have played a significant role in the continuation of Scouting over the past 90 years.

Our very own Sheila’s partner in crime, who dragged Sheila into Beavers, and saving the group from termoil some 35 years ago also joined us! Significant in that this led to the continual involvement of The Finch Family in Abram Scouting from that point onwards.

As part of the opening speech, Dave (Hagrid) and Sheila (Ahmeek) were surprised by our current leadership team who presented them with gifts to thank them for that continued involvement and dedication to the group!

The leaders as a team would like to thank everyone who came to the hut today to join us in our celebration, and we hope that you all enjoyed our games, bouncy slide, and climbing wall, and took time to enjoy some of our cakes, hand baked by Kirsty (Tarka) and Kirsty (Hathi).

There is never any garauntee that any community will house enough children to keep Scouting in that location, so for us to reach 90 years is an amazing milestone, and one for which we are thankful! Over the last 18 months Scout Groups and other youth provisions have closed their doors for good, our resiliance as a membership has shone through and we have come out strong, and looking forward to a bright future!

Having spoken to our past members, today, there have been many memories made as a result of this great movement in this fantastic community, they join with us, who follow them, in the hope that those who follow us will comfortably be celebrating this group for at least another 90 years!