This evening our Cubs got their thinking caps on, whilst talking about the Communicator badge, specifically discussing the so-called ‘Plan B’

If Plan A is what we’re running now, when everything is fine, then Plan B is what we’d put into the place when something really goes wrong, i.e. the power goes off, and doesn’t come back on. We talked about how Scouting can help during such a situation to help Cubs really understand how activities that we find great fun can, in fact, be essential to survival if the worst case scenario happened.

We covered subjects such as:

  • Why do we teach Cubs how to light a fire, using several different methods?
  • Why do we teach Cubs to cook, not just using Gas, but on the fires they’ve created?
  • Why do we teach Cubs to camp, and look after themselves in the great outdoors?
  • Why do we teach Cubs archery and shooting?
  • Why do we teach Cubs about Communications and Codes?

The answer to all of these questions is ‘to Be Prepared’. At some point in 2022, Cubs will have the opportunity to take part in a Wild Food Preparation Session (entirely optional) – but for now, we’re looking at the next step in communication – how to keep our message secret, and for that we’ve been looking at Codes and Cyphers!

Cubs had the opportunity to see how Codes are important, and saw first hand what a cypher is, how it’s created, and how it’s then used to encode and decode a message.

This week, we will email parents with a number of codes for Cubs to decode – for most of these we will give them the cypher, for a couple we wont to see if they can figure out the cypher based on patterns! So keep your eye on your mailboxes!

Until then, take care, and have fun! See you at the BBQ on Sunday!

Akela, Chil, Keeo & Shere Khan