Summer view

If we’re completely honest, the last 2 academic years have been absolutely awful as COVID gripped the nation forced us into lockdowns, keeping us indoors, and putting restrictions on our operations that made Scouting incredibly difficult.

Our leaders took it on the chin, knuckled down and adapted to the situation opening our homes to our members via Zoom and vice-versa. Whilst the mute-all button proved useful at times, delivering programme via Zoom was really tough not being able to feedback through body language.

Of course our members also took to change incredibly well. Some weren’t keen on Zoom and waited patiently for our face to face sessions to return, some weren’t keen but had a go anyway, and some just jumped in and cracked on – in all three cases our members have developed and grown in an amazing way, and all have come back ready to crack on and excel in Scouting. At our last presentation evening we played a video about resiliance, when unbeknownst to us that our members were about to get the biggest test of their resiliance, and the resiliance of the movement in its history, and all of our members can be proud of what they have acheived this year. When we make our promise, we promise to do our best, and all of our members have done their best during this very difficult time.

We’re now turning our eyes to our next term and onward to 2022, and seeking to continue developing exciting and challenging programmes for our members and fulfilling the aim of The Scouts (HQ), to provide Skills For Life.

For now, we’re taking a break, spending some time with out families, finishing some jobs from the hut refurb, and getting prepared for our return – if anyone can lend a hand, please get in touch through Facebook, there’s plenty of jobs to do. Aside from that, please have a great summer, stay safe and well, and we’ll see you in September!