It’s been a rough academic year for us all, maybe more so for Cubs.  From the start of the first lockdown to March this year we ran entirely online – then returning with a split pack…. 
As a thank you for our Cubs for doing their best during this time, tonight we went out with a bang – using our archery equipment for the first time, a little bit of bucketball and a little food too!  
Cubs had a great time and Akela even shot a pure bullseye on the archery!!  
We’d also like to say Congratulations to our new Sixers, Freya; Matthew; Yousseff and Harry, and to our Seconders, John-Joe; Noah; Amelia and Jack.  We know that this ‘Cubs Council’ will work extremely well together but will also be competitive enough to push their sixes to be their best!  

Cubs leaders need a week or two to regroup before we decide on our September return date when we’ll, hopefully, bring the whole pack back together as one and crack on with Cub Scouting at its best!  

Enjoy the summer, Cubs – and see you in September!