Our Cubs have concluded their Scouting Skills for this term, with Fire Lighting! This week, and last, they learned how to bed, light and build a fire using only ferro rod strikers! All Cubs were able to produce a spark on the ferro rods, and got their fires building nicely.

Our Skills set this term has included:

  • 3 Knots (bowline, reef knot and sheetbend)
  • Knife Skills
  • Fire Lighting

Why would you teach these skills to 8-10 year olds? By the time our young people leave Cubs and move on to Scouts, we expect to have taught them to be able to fend for themselves on camp – so they would prepare, light and build a fire, which they would then use to cook their meal on, which they will have prepared. Yes, we show them how to light a fire using a ferro rod, perhaps they’ll use matches or lighters to get their fires going on camps, but it’s important to Be Prepared with a Plan Be – (BPw/PB)

Our Cubs have absolutely nailed these skills this term, and should all be very proud of themselves. In what has been difficult circumstances, they’ve got on with it and learned loads. Well done to all of them!