Volunteering with Scouting isn’t just about giving – it’s also about receiving. Scouts has developed a reputation for it’s strong training programme in developing not just Scout Leaders, but Community Leaders, Thought Leaders and more!

1st Abram’s 75+ strong membership is driven by a team of dedicated individuals who put their time and efforts into delivering amazing outdoor educational programmes to those young people. They give their free time, their holidays and their creativity to Scouting. So what’s the salary of a Scout Leader?

Scout Leader Salary: £0.00

Every single adult in 1st Abram is an unpaid volunteer. Which means that Scouting truly is accessible to everyone! But what’s the benefit?

  • It looks great on your CV – we have first hand experience of sitting in interviews discussing, not the role, but Scouting.
  • It gets you out and about – get fit and see the country, or the world!
  • It gets YOU learning new skills – we learn from each to make the best for our young people.
  • It feels great to see them do it! – there’s no greater reward than seeing a young person realise their goals.

It’s all about taking that first step, and that first step could be the best one you ever took….

Take your first step now, and visit https://volunteer.1stabram.org.uk now to read more about volunteering with 1st Abram…