COVID Readiness - Amber

Following on from the Prime Minister’s announcement, today with regards to relaxation of lockdown and social distancing rules from next week, whilst we welcome the news for our private and professional lives, and look forward to these relaxations, we do not yet have the full information as to how this applies to us in Scouting.

The Scouts UK (HQ) have already issued a statement reminding us that this advice will be fed through discussions with the National Youth Agency during the course of this week which will, subsequently, provide us with our rules from 17th May.

It is important to remember that, currently, our sections only have approved risk assessments for Amber Readiness Level – if we are allowed to move to Yellow Readiness level this can only occur on receipt of approval of the appropriate risk assessments.

We will keep our pages updated appropriately as we hear more. For now, we remain at Amber Readiness Level.