We were so pleased to see so many of our Cubs back for their first week(s), with us since March 2020!

We spent the evening rebuilding our knowledge of Scouting History, and traditions giving us a great grounding for moving forward as a pack. As an added treat each of our groups got to take part in a, rather subdued, Grand Howl, and we reaffirmed our Cub Scout Promise.

Cubs programme moving forwards is a fully blended programme with as much of the theory/learny stuff as possible done at home the week before, before applying that in practical sessions. We want to keep the fun face to face and the less fun at home!

Each week, we’ll send out an email entitled ‘HOME TASK’, on a Tuesday with the aim being that Cubs will complete that task while their counterparts are face to face. Most of these will include key safety information which needs to be completed.

We’re reviewing this situation constantly, and will revise the programme if we have to, to bring that theory/learny stuff back to the face to face sessions.

Parents and Cubs, please give us your backing in keeping Face to Face Fun, and get those tasks done each week!

The next sessions are campfires! Where we’ll get to the core of what our Cubs want to get out of Cubs, and the smaller groups make this all the easier!

Once again, welcome back! Let’s rock on!