COVID Readiness - Amber

As per update last week, The Scouts (HQ), have now moved the readiness level to ‘Amber’ with Outdoor AND Indoor activities permitted. Whilst there are no numerical limits on how many people can be in a group indoors, the activities are limited by the size of the location with social distancing in place.

All sections do have appropriate risk assessments which cover both outdoor and indoor activities, but the decision of Outdoors or Indoors will be made by the section leadership team as neccessary.

The next forward step from here will be to move to Yellow. This will be announced to begin no earlier than 17th May. We currently have limited to no information regarding what Yellow Level is on this roadmap, we hope to get that in the coming weeks, but we are expecting that a move into Yellow will require revised approved risk assessments being completed by each section.

We’ll keep you posted as we have more developments.

Scheduled Return Dates:

BeaversWill return to Face to Face meetings on 26th April as a whole colony.
CubsRed Fang and White Claw returned on Tuesday 6th April, and will meet again on Tuesday 20th April.
Grey Brother and Black Plume on will return Tuesday 13th April, then Tuesday 27th April.
Both Groups will receive home tasks on the off weeks.
ScoutsWill return after the Easter Break on Wednesday 21st April, splitting the troop to 2 patrols per week as before.
ExplorersWill return after the Easter Break on Wednesday 21st April as a whole unit.

Please remember, the preference is to remain outdoors as much as possible, and so your child is more likley to be outside than in. Please make sure they’re appropriately dressed for the conditions. For the safety and security of all members, please ensure you adhere to the instructions of your section leaders at all times.