It seems like years since the Cub Pack last got together, although it has been 12 months. In that time, we’ve had members move on to Scouts, and not been replaced, and we’ve seen a few of our members not engaged in virtual Scouting – this is absolutely fine.

Those who have been involved have cobbled together and continued on with a fantastic virtual programme which has seen completion of over 180 badges, and a tremendous amount of badge criteria completed. We’ve seen quizes and knowledge built up, and have tried to get all of the more wordy stuff out of the way.

I want to personally thank Raksha, King Louie, Chil and all of the Cubs who have regularly attended our Virtual Cub Packs for keeping me sane through the last year. And for those who haven’t attended but who are planning to come back, I thank you for your patience.

Lets Get Back Teaser Trailer

So there it is guys. Tonight, i’ll be so pleased to open the doors and welcome Red Fang and White Claw back! And I look forward to seeing Grey Brother and Black Plume next week!