This week marks the 35th Birthday of the Beaver’s Section in The Scout Association. The idea, unofficially born in 1963 was given several itterations and trials through the 60’s and 70’s before finally launching on 1st April 1986.

The uniform was a grey jumper, turquise necker, maroon woggle, and optional grey tracksuit bottoms, and there was only one badge, the Beaver Scout Award. This was achieved by completing 9 months of a varied programme in the section, one visit and one good turn. At the point of it’s official launch, there were 60’000 Beaver Scouts in the UK!

But it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that Beavers were allowed to camp, and even then it was only for one night. Still only able to achieve 3 badges, Beavers Sections were growing in numbers.

In the early 2000’s, the Beaver’s section completely relaunched with a fresh new programme, fresh new uniform, and badges. This refresh is constantly being added to with Beavers now able to achieve even more badges and now able to camp for AS MANY NIGHTS as they wish.

So Happy Birthday Beavers! It’s been an amazing 35 years – here’s to many more!