COVID Readiness - Amber

Following on from numerous webinars and discussions with the National Youth Agency, The Scouts UK (HQ) have confirmed that we are able to return to Amber Outdoors Readiness level from 29th March.

As previously mentioned, all sections have approved Risk Assessments for returning Face to Face at this level, and so it is at the discression of the Section Leader as to whether they are confident that it is safe to return. This may be personal choice based on data or vaccinations.

It is imperitive that all members follow the instructions and guidence of their section leaders to ensure that we are able to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Across the board if your child is self-isolating, through either school, home or positive test, they should not attend their scheduled session until their self-isolation period has expired.

Scheduled Return Dates:

BeaversWill return to Face to Face meetings on 26th April as a whole colony.
CubsWill return for Red Fang and White Claw on Tuesday 6th April, and for Grey Brother and Black Plume on Tuesday 13th April, with home tasks on the off weeks.
ScoutsWill return after the Easter Break on Wednesday 21st April, splitting the troop to 2 patrols per week as before.
ExplorersWill return after the Easter Break on Wednesday 21st April as a whole unit.

We hope that this will be the one-way street that the UK Government has indicated, and look forward to welcoming all of our members back at the appropriate time.