Roadmap 2021 29th March

This week has been a busy week for roadmaps and COVID Readiness. Monday, saw a webinar with the National Youth Agency, in which they revealed their roadmap to Green, which is being closely followed by The Scouts HQ. Important to note is that it’s not being followed to the letter, rather being used as a hard limit, within which The Scouts HQ have set it’s members rules. The overriding theme for the webinar was that the dates align with the Government’s Roadmap Dates so can and will change as the Government does so, and this has been echoed at all levels. Similarly, they also advised us to keep our fingers off the booking buttons for camps and trips until we were absolutely in the appropriate readiness level.

On Monday, The Scouts HQ briefed it’s Commissioners (District and County) as to the changes, and on Tuesday all members received an email with the news. Greater Manchester West have, this morning released the same information.

  • Until 29th March, we will remain in the RED Readiness Level – so there can be no Face to Face Scouting until then.
  • From 29th March, we will move to the AMBER Readiness Level – and are permitted to open our doors for OUTDOOR Scouting, with groups of no more than 15 young people, and 5 leaders.
  • From 12th April, still in AMBER Readiness Level – we are permitted open our doors for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR Scouting, still with groups of no more than 15 young people, and 5 leaders – but we will also be able to take part in non-residential Day Trips.

1st Abram has approved risk assessments for this across all sections, but it is the ultimate responsibility of the Section Leaders to decide when they are comfortable to open the doors, and what their programmes look like.

Whilst everyone involved hopes that these dates stick, and that it is a one way street, we need to look at it with realism and be prepared for any eventuality.

Watch this space for more information from each section in the coming weeks, but until then – Stay Safe, Look After Each other, and Be Kind.