At 1st Abram, our community is at the core of all we do, many of our neighbours are elderly, and we’re local to many nice outdoor spaces, and so we were pleased to receive a full defibrilator kit from the church, which wasn’t being used. We’ve had to put a little investment into the unit to replace hinges and the handle on the unit, to ensure that we could make the unit available to our entire community. We have also paid to replace the pads, as they were beyond their expiry date.

At 1st Abram, all of our leaders must receive First Aid Training as part of their leadership requirements, and that also includes training on defib usage, and The Scouts also has it’s own First Aid Training, which is delivered to all of our members from age 6, right through to 18. Usage of a defib in a First Aid situation can dramatically increase the chances of survival. This particular unit can be used on either adults or children, with applicable modes for each.

Naturally, we’d advise everyone to try to get some form of First Aid Training, but the use of a defib is really easy. Take it out of the box, switch it on, and follow the audible instructions.

The defib is accessible 24×7 via a code lock – and the code can be obtained by calling 999 and telling them the unique number on the front of the box, or location as required.

If you are ever in need of the defib, it is located at: