Just a reminder that Cubs Zoom is not scheduled to run this evening. This is to help us to keep things fresh on those Zoom meetings, and not burn us out.

We have asked our Cubs to complete the following task, which will complete their My Faith Activity Badge:

Cubs My Faith Badge

As I said in Cubs last week – Scouting is for all religions and none the My Faith badge doesn’t associate itself with any religion because faith in itself can be identified in all religions and none.  You can put your faith in a God, or you can put your faith in humanity, or you can even put your faith in one person or their abilities.  Simply put, Faith is the equivilent to Trust.  Remember the paintbrush – I have faith in my own abilities, on my own I can paint lines on a page, but to paint a whole picture would be a mammoth task which is nearly impossible – but when I get together with a team (the whole brush), I can acheive great things.  In Cubs, I have faith in Raksha, King Louie & Chil to work with me to keep you all safe, and I have faith in all of you to achieve great things as a team.

Your final part of the My Faith Badge is to choose a prayer or reading, or thing that helps you to reflect – and write it out, or draw it, and share it with us.  Complete the assignment through Teams, or email it to me.

Please make sure that you’re taking time to keep yourselves fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. Keep doing your best every day and remember, it’s okay to fail just as long as you get back up and keep trying.